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    Suzanne Larocque is a lifestyle photographer based in New England between New York and Boston. Suzanne mainly photographs high school seniors and fashion editorials, and is known for her clean, modern style.

    Suzanne works with seniors who are looking for something special in their senior portraits. Her Signature Senior Session is like a full out fashion shoot with talented clothing, hair, and makeup stylists.

    Suzanne is currently taking on projects that include the following: High School Senior Portraits, Fashion Editorials, Food Editorials, Commercial Lifestyle Photography, Fashion Lookbooks, and Travel & Magazine Assignments.

    Our selected senior models get VIP treatment for a fraction of the cost. If you are interested in being a part of the senior model program, please fill out this application.

The Perfect Time for a Portrait ~ Springfield, MA Photographer

Occasionally, I’ll be asked “When is the best time for a portrait of my family, my mother, my son? Should I wait until my baby is xx months old?” The answer is don’t wait. Do it now!

It may never seem like the right time for a portrait because you’re waiting to lose fifteen pounds, for your daughter’s hair to grow out, for the family to have a good tan, or for your son’s new tooth to grow in. The wonderful thing about life is that it’s messy, especially with kids. It’s common to want to wait for the “perfect moment” to have a portrait made, but you can’t wait for perfect. It will never come.

The little moments that make up life are the ones we most cherish later in life. Think back to one of your favorite photos from your own childhood. It’s probably not the one where everyone is dressed alike, on the beach and is “perfect”. One of my most memorable photos is one of my sister and I with our dog, Ruby, sitting next to us and outfitted in a dress and a hat. Classic. It brings a smile to my face each time I think of it.

I’ve been a photographer longer than I’ve been a mother and I remember seeing photos of children with their missing teeth and thinking, “Why would anyone want a photo of their kid looking like that?” Well, now I get it. This is almost a right of passage. I don’t want to miss capturing this stage in my children. Even though each day can seem like an eternity, in fact it goes by so quickly. Sniff, sniff. Ok, I need to go grab some more photos of my kids.